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Draw Paint Print Like the Great Artists

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There are activity books, and then there are those that really provide an amazing entertainment resource. This generously sized, interactive colouring and activity book is packed with stimulating ideas to spark your child's creative imagination.

Marion Deuchars makes learning about art fun. Young readers discover new ways of making art by being introduced to 18 great artists, learning about the methods, materials, and ideas that made up their masterpieces, and how these can be applied to one’s own creations.

Grouped into sections by artist, each one unfolds a series of creative projects in drawing, painting, printing, and collage based on the artist’s own techniques. At the end of the book is a series of biographies about each artist providing the background on how they became artistic geniuses.

Take your pencil for a walk in the spirit of Paul Klee, experiment with color and texture like Joan Miró or create your own surrealist-inspired artwork like Salvador Dalí.

Aimed at children aged eight years and older, the emphasis is on fun and making the creation of art a big part of the way you express yourself.

A quality paperback book that would make a lovely gift.

Paperback with flaps. 240 pages.

300 illustrations. 

Boook dimensions: 289 x 210 mm (11 x 8 ")


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