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Carefully create landscapes on a mysterious island that allow you to hatch dragon eggs - will yours reveal a tiny unique dragon or an empty nest? The most successful dragon breeder will triumph.

A magical take on the classic dominoes, Dragomino is simple to pick up but engaging and fun. Perfect for domino players who want more of a challenge. 

The most successful players employ clever tile placement, are able to judge their chances and use probability to their advantage.

Dragomino is a new offering from the hugely successful team behind Kingdomino. It makes an ideal introduction to tile playing games for young players, on the way to more advanced games. 

Play time is 15 minutes (approx). 

2 - 4 players. 

Recommended for children aged 5 years +

Contents: Four starting dominos, Mummy dragon piece, 28 exploration dominos and 69 egg tokens.

Product dimensions:  26.5 x 20 x 6.1 cm


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