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Doodle Mug and Pen Set

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We love the many ways you can enjoy this mug. Such a simple idea but it can bring so much pleasure. 

Customise, personalise and doodle-ise to your heart's content, with the included black wash-off marker. Leave to air dry for a few seconds and voila! One unique mug ready for use. Once the drink has been drunk, then just wash off the ink in warm water with detergent and scourer, and it is ready to be re-designed, again and again. 

A lovely thoughtful gift for a special person - write a personal message or draw a picture on the mug, before putting back in its box. Teachers, grandparents - anyone who loves a cuppa will get a lovely surprise. 

Handy for the forgetful tea and coffee makers in the family (2 sugars and no milk!) but can also be used to share inspiring thoughts for the day ('Good Luck in your exam. You've got this!'), word of the week or mantras of the month.  It can even be used to help with those tricky spellings, French vocabulary or times tables. 

Mug is bone china. Dishwasher proof (but the ink is not!)


Product dimensions: Approx 12 x 10 x 10 cm / 5 x 4 x 4"

Why they'll love it

A unique gift to personalise.

Quirky enough to even please the tricky teen market.

A present that can help them express themselves and get creative.

Why you'll love it

Made from bone china. Dishwasher safe (ink is not).

Washable pens that provide your little artist / poet/ revolutionary with a fresh canvas after every wash.

Lots of guests? Multiple rounds of tea? Name your mug and cut down on the washing-up.

A good mug is essential in life.


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