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Doodle Pillowcase (with pens)

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Doodle on your own pillowcase! Without getting in loads of trouble from whoever does the washing. 

Draw, doodle and colour in both sides - then just wash and start again. There is a ornate frame on one side for masterpieces and a memo pad on the other for important to do lists or maybe a haiku. Never forget that amazing dream or inspired idea again. Don't tell anyone, but there is a hidden extra ‘notepad’ tucked inside for secret messages. 

Can be a tangible way of helping worriers to put problems 'to bed' before turning out the light with an emptied head ("write it down, and then deal with it in the morning"). 

10 colour pens are included. Pillowcase is 100% cotton. Wash at 40 degrees (dry naturally).

 Recommended for any age child who can doodle (but old enough to know what pens to use!)

Product dimensions:75 x 50cm /20 x 30"

Why they'll love it

A unique gift to personalise. Great fun on sleepovers. Quirky enough to even please the tricky teen market. A present that can help them express themselves and get creative.

Why you'll love it

Made from 100% cotton. Washable pens that provide your little artist / poet/ revolutionary with a fresh canvas after every wash. An entertaining and useful present.


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