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DIY Worry Dolls To Create - Sweet Dream by Djeco

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We love this craft set! A great way to help children address fears and niggles. 

There are 5 worry dolls to create (full instructions included). The child then has their own little team to tell worries to before bedtime. Once all concerns have been addressed (each doll can take at least one worry), the dolls are slipped into the special 'sweet dreams' bag, which can be put under a pillow or at the side of the bed. 

The dolls 'hold the worries' so the child doesn't have to think about them overnight. 

Can become a regular part of the bedtime routine to help ease children into peaceful sleep. Some little sleepers really benefit from a concrete, physical way of setting daytime thoughts aside. 

And these dolls are not just for the little ones! Even tweens and teens can benefit from this lovely set. Based on the Guatemalan tradition. 

The set includes 3 wool colours. 2 gauze colours. Wooden tool. 5 dolls. 1 pouch. Step by step instructions. 

Suitable for children aged 6 years +

Finished worry doll measures 10cm.

An FSC-certified product. 

Packaging dimensions:20 x 20 x 3.5 cm. 



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