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Dixit won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award (Family Game of the Year) in 2010 and it has been entertaining families ever since. It has been a wonderful addition to our games cupboard, offering a unique creative, more abstract choice of board game. 

So, how do you play? Each player takes their turn being the storyteller. From their hand of six cards the storyteller chooses one and picks a phrase, quote, word, sentence or maybe even a lyric or line of poetry which could be attributed to it. They announce it to the rest of the group. After some thinking time, the other players then surrender one of their cards to the storyteller that they feel could best fit that description. Cards are shuffled and laid face up in a line (including the original card). Players vote on which card they think belongs to the storyteller. 

If everyone picks the Storyteller’s card (or if no one guessed right), then everyone scores two points, except the Storyteller. If only some people guessed correctly, then they and the Storyteller score three points. If others pick your own card when you are not the Storyteller, you alone score 1 point per vote for your card. No one can vote for their own card. 

There is a delicate balance to master in this wonderful game. If descriptions are too vague it is possible that no one will guess the correct card. However too obvious a description that leads to everyone guessing correctly, will result in the storytelling gaining no points. At the end of each round a new card is dealt to replace the last. The role of storyteller passes on to the next player. The winner is the first to 30 points, or whoever has the most points when the deck runs out.

The 84 cards themselves are mini works of art. Whimsical, playful, mischievous, dark . . . engaging illustrations that provide great scope for the imagination.  

Neatly, the interior of the box becomes the game board. Players move their colourful bunnies around according to how many points they have earned each round. 

Players new to the game, will be able to pick up the premise in very little time. This is not a game where you have to invest time in reading lengthy dry rules. 

3 - 6 players. Play time is approx 30 minutes. Recommended for players 8 years +

Boxed dimensions: 27 x 27 x 5 cm (approx)

Why they'll love it

Fun for all members of the family.

A game that rewards creativity and reveals how people think and interpret the cards differently.

Why you'll love it

It really is quite original - we haven't found another game quite like it.

Award winning - Dixit won the prestigious 2010 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the year), which is always a reliable mark of quality in the games world.


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