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Disney Colourbrain

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Disney Colourbrain is a trivia game with a difference. You start with all the answers in your hand, you just need to decide what colours to put forward.  

Following the success of the classic Colourbrain, this edition of the colourful trivia game has been adapted for Disney lovers. 

Players/teams are provided with 11 different colour cards as their hand. All of the questions they will be asked can be answered by submitting one or more of the colour cards (face down so the opposition can't see). 

What colour is Doc's beard? (Snow White) - 1 colour 

What colour are Carl's glasses? (Up) - 1 colour 

What colour is Bo Peep's dress? (Toy Story) - 3 colours 

What colour is Flounder's body (The Little Mermaid) - 2 colours 

All players turn over their cards together, and then the question card is turned over to reveal the answer. 

Mixed ages work really well with Disney Colourbrain.  The questions range from the classic animated films like Fantasia,  to modern favourites like Toy Story -  so everyone gets a chance to shine.  

The game follows a straight forward Question & Answer format. No board is needed. The amount of points you get for a correct answer varies, depending on how many wrong answers there were in that round (e.g. if 3 players/teams got it wrong, you get 3 points).  Players/teams who are losing have the chance to 'colour capture' (essentially steal) some of the leading opponents colour cards, so they are at a disadvantage and have a reduced rainbow for the next question. 

Simple premise but this is an enjoyable game, partly because no other game is quite like it. Disney Colourbrain really tests how well you think you know those much loved Disney characters. 

The questions in Disney Colourbain come from the whole world of Disney, including Pixar movies and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Contains 250 questions. Play time 20 - 30 minutes. For 2 - 20 players.

Recommended for players aged 6 years +. 

Colourbrain (classic version) also available on this site.  Disney Colourbrain questions and Colourbrain (classic) questions can be mixed together into one super game that includes the whole family. 

Boxed dimensions: H20 x W20 x D6 cm



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