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Motif Art Set by Djeco

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Djeco have really raised the stakes when it comes to colouring kits.  Stunning designs and quality materials make these products a lovely gift. Motif Art is no exception. Using a combination of colouring and drawing with both pencils and felt tips, the end result really is a piece of art. The step-by-step instruction book guides the artist through the line drawings and patterns to achieve the finished look. Contains 4 illustrated sheets to complete, 5 fine-point felt pens and 4 coloured pencils. Djeco recommend for children aged 7 - 13 years.
Product dimensions: 16.5 x 23 x 4 cm. Picture boards measure 21 x 28cm. 

Why they'll love it

 There are 4 delightful animal themed pictures boards to decorate - a turtle, seahorse, puffin and elephant. A great choice for children that enjoy attention to detail and producing intricate and precise results. Wonderfully relaxing.

Why you'll love it

Gorgeous design and quality materials. This set will certainly keep a child occupied (although you may want to join in). We love the sturdy cardboard case for storing everything away (although we feel most of these masterpieces will be gracing the wall).


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