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Tooth Fairy Doll by Ragtales (Blue)

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The perfect gift for a child with wobblers! This delightful little Tooth Fairy doll has a small pouch at the back (just between his/her wings) for storing a precious milk tooth.

The treasure can be safely stowed in the pocket, and the tooth fairy doll can be tucked into his/her bed alongside the child's pillow (though we suspect the temptation to cuddle them will be too much to leave them there!). The doll will keep the tooth safe until it is harvested . . . and a coin can be left in the pocket, to be discovered when the child wakes up.

Doll height approx 18cm.

This toy is suitable from birth. Machine washable at 30 degrees. 

Product dimensions boxed: 12 x 5 x 19 cm

Why they'll love it

This doll comes in a box which doubles as an adorable bed.

He/she may be small, but there is lovely attention to detail on this fairy, from the cute pointy purple hat to the soft blue dungarees. She/he is made from a variety of fabrics, with a soft cotton body and a delicately printed face (complete with freckles!). A beautifully thought out product from a British company.   

Why you'll love it

No more nerve-wracking manoeuvres late at night, trying to get your hand under a sleeping child's pillow! Makes a wonderfully cute tradition even more special (and easier!).

Machine washable! 

Please note this fairy is labelled as a boy on the back of box, but could definitely be a girl. Reference to gender could easily be crossed out if preferred. Purple (girl) Tooth Fairy Doll also available. 


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