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Codenames - Disney Family Edition

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An engaging game for lovers of word association, deduction and . . . Disney!

This delightful version keeps the same gameplay as classic Codenames but replaces spies with characters and locations from over 90 years of Disney (& Pixar) favourites. There are plenty of films featured across the 200 treasure cards, from old vintage classics like Cinderella & Pinocchio to more modern hits like Moana & Big Hero 6. 

The standard play for this version uses  4 x 4 grid cards (as opposed to 5 x 5) and no game over element to make it more child/family friendly. The option of picture cards, word cards or a mixture of both means it can be tailored to suit the teams involved.  This game is for at least 2 players, but can easily entertain bigger groups (divided into 2 teams). 

So how to play? 16 cards are selected from the shuffled pile and laid out in 4 x 4 formation. Players can choose the picture side, the word side, or a combination of both. There are 2 teams. Each has a clue master who sit together on the same side of the table. These clue masters have access to the same key card, a grid map that dictates what cards are for the blue team to win, and which are for the red team to win. It is the job of each clue master to provide a one word clue which allows their team to correctly guess the cards belonging to their team. For example 'snow' may be the clue for Olaf. But if Snow White is also an available card (but for the other team) the better clue may be 'hugs' to increase the team's chance of success, unless there is another character who also loves a cuddle!

This game is a great way of getting little folk to think about the words they choose, and a great workout for the grey matter, whatever your age. Sometimes a really well chosen clue may have the power to result in several correct cards being guessed in a row (players continue until they guess a card that does not belong to their colour, or up to the maximum amount given by the clue master). 

More experienced /older players can use the larger 5 x 5 grid and the introduction of the dreaded game over card (pick this one and you instantly lose). It is great to have the different levels available and this advanced play is perfect for more adventurous gamers who enjoy higher stakes. 

Codenames Disney was a 5 Seasons Best International Party & Coop Nominee (2021) and Origins Awards Best Family Game Nominee (2018). 

For 2 - 8 players (4 - 8 for competitive play). Designed for children and families to enjoy. 15 minutes play time (approx).

For players 8 years + (but may be suitable for younger with a little help). 

Product dimensions: 2.8 x 6.3 x 9 inches

Not suitable for children aged under 3 years of age. Contains small parts. Choking Hazard. 


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