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Cleopatra - Little Thinker Doll

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Cleopatra - Little Thinker Doll

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Inspire. Enlighten. Cuddle. Soft plush Cleopatra doll in Egyptian dress. 2,000 years after her rule we are still fascinated by her story. This quirky line of toys celebrates the great minds of our time and introduces them to a young audience. Approximately 11" tall.

Why they'll love it

An entirely original addition to any soft toy collection. Quirky and colourful. A cuddly version of this shrewd powerful ruler to inspire the future generations to be brave, bold and fearless. A good choice for students of history or those studying Shakespeare's text.

Why you'll love it

A fun way to introduce the younger generation to this important historical figure. A less obvious gift for the tricky teen market.


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