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Shut The Box - Classic Dice Game

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This traditional dice game is one of the best ways to have fun whilst improving number bond confidence. Shut the Box is also a great introduction to probability and an engaging way to improve mathematical dexterity in children.

In fact, it has been played for at least two hundred years, and was popular with sailors and fishermen. This classic game has endured, though you no longer have to head to the docks to have a go.

A game of luck and strategy, the aim of the game is to close all of the numbered boxes on the board ('Shut the box') before your opponent. Or have the lowest total when all the remaining numbered boxes are added up. Can also be played by a solo player (where you aim for a personal best). The player needs to decide the best strategy for closing down as many numbers, before it is not possible to proceed any further.

For example, a player who rolls the total of 6 can choose to shut down any combination that add to that figure i.e. 2 & 4, 1 & 5, 1 & 2 & 3 or the single number 6. Previous decisions will affect what is possible and/or available.

Suitable for players aged 6 years + 1 - 4 players Game play duration: approx 10 minutes. Game includes: 2 dice, score pad, pencil & game instructions

Box size: 21.5 x 21.5 x 4cm

Why they'll love it

Maths practise doesn't get more enjoyable than this. Fun to play, but this game also helps young players become comfortable and familiar with number bonds and simple probability. A great introduction to strategy. Boost mathematical dexterity. Colourful sleek packaging featuring a slinky Djeco cat has been designed to appeal to children.

Why you'll love it

Bring this out at family gatherings and pretty much everyone will want a go. Just remind the adults not to gamble in front of the children. Straight forward to understand, but highly addictive. Shut the Box is just the right mix of luck and strategy. Neat slim line box that fits sleekly in the games cupboard.


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