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Butterfly Wings - A Matching Game

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Many butterflies have bright wings in flight, but when they perch their wings can be camouflaged to look like eyes, leaves or even cobwebs. 

Nature lovers can pair up the upper sides and undersides of the wings of 25 species of butterfly from around the world in this beautifully illustrated matching game. With all kinds of stunning species – from the painted lady to the purple emperor – this fun and educational game is an ideal gift that will appeal to Outside Alices everywhere.

Includes a pictorial guide on each species. Can also be used as a memory game when you get to know the butterflies. Match the correct pairs and whoever collects the most, wins. 

A great gift for children who enjoy the great outdoors and are keen to learn more. Educational and fun, everyone who plays learns something new. 

Colour illustrations by Christine Berrie. 

Recommended for players aged 6 years +

Product dimensions: 147 x 101 x 51 mm.

Not suitable for children aged under 3 years.

Recommended for players aged 6 years + 


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