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Little Bat Kite, close up detail

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Little Bat Kite

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Do you know someone bats about bats? Well you may have just found the perfect gift for them. This friendly faced chap looks great decorating a child's bedroom, or cavorting through the skies on a windy day. 

Myotis lucifugus (the Little Brown Bat) is affectionately known as "Luci" to the people that study them. Bats are more closely related to primates than to rodents, making them our distant evolutionary cousins.

Handmade by master kite-makers in Weifang, China. Designed by Haptic Lab. Comes with basic flying twine and easy assembly instructions. Made with bamboo and white terylene silk. Measures 13" x 28" assembled.  Presented in a beautiful gift box measuring 16"x 8.5" x 2". Once assembled wing span is 24"

Other kites in this range are a swallow, owl and crane. 

Wing span measures 24" once assembled. Made with bamboo and white terylene silk.

Why they'll love it

A great kite changes a windy day into something truly amazing. Once this kite is assembled (which will increase the child's feeling of ownership) it provides the perfect excuse to get out there, rosy cheeked and exhilarated, to enjoy the great outdoors.

Why you'll love it

A wonderful gift. Comes in gift box. Once assembled can be displayed in bedroom. You are never too old to appreciate the joy of flying a kite. And sometimes we all need a reason to blow those cobwebs away.


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