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Bananagrams DUEL! - Small Space Word Race

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Looking for a new way to be top banana?!  Love Bananagrams but sometimes feel there isn't enough room to play?

Duel is a head-to-head Bananagrams snack for cozy spaces and on-the-go play. It's a two-player word game face-off, where players race to build their own word grid using letter cubes. Banana-shaped theme cards can add further challenge during each round of play.

Rather than classic Bananagram's flat tiles with one letter displayed, the (24) dice feature all (144) letters from the classic game. All of the fun in less of the space. The light, hard, compact portable case is easy carry around.

Play time approx 10 minutes.  Recommended for children 7 years +

How to play (classic rules) - Each time a player wins a round, they’re awarded one banana card. First to 10 cards wins. In this version you will only use the banana cards to keep score (ignore the categories on the cards).

1. To start the game, any player calls out “Go!”. Simultaneously, players race to form their own crossword grid using any side of their 12 letter cubes.

2. Words must read horizontally or vertically, left to right or top to bottom. All words must connect or intersect to form one unified.

3. The first player to complete a word grid with all 12 cubes calls “Bananas!” and is rewarded one banana card. At the end of each round, mix all letter cubes together, and redistribute 12 cubes to each player. The first player to win 10 rounds and collect 10 banana cards wins!

To play themed Duel , players flip over one banana card to reveal a theme. To win the round, the first complete grid must now contain at least one word that satisfies the round's theme. Each time a player wins a themed round, they are awarded that banana card. The first player to collect ten cards wins the game!

Bananagrams and My First Bananagrams also available.

Product dimensions:19 x 8 x 3cm (approx). Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Why they'll love it

Fast, frantic fun.

Easy to understand, quick to pick up, you and your opponent will be enjoying fruity battle in no time.

So if you love word play on the go but find that Scrabble takes too long (and needs too much space), Bananagrams Duel is the game for you!

Fits in a stocking perfectly. 

Why you'll love it

Light and compact travel entertainment.

Two games in one.

Don't let the quirky casing deceive you. This game provides a thorough mental workout.

Flex your lexicon! A great game for improving literacy and extending vocabulary.

A good challenge for old and young brains alike.


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