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Not many games deserve to be called a modern classic - but Bananagrams definitely qualifies. Fast, frantic fun. Easy to understand, quick to pick up, you and your family will be enjoying it in no time. So if you love word play but find that Scrabble takes too long, Bananagrams is the game for you!

Word tiles are stored in a soft material banana skin. All that is needed is a flat surface and enough room to play. No board, paper or pen is necessary. Light and compact for out and about entertainment. Several games in one. 

So who will be top banana? Players turn all the tiles face down in the middle of the table and then select the requisite amount (this varies depending on how many people are playing). The tiles are turned over in front of the players at the same time. Player construct their own personal grids (vertical and horizontal) using as many of their letters as they can. All words count - however short and simple or long and complicated. If a player gets stuck and wants to swap a letter they return it to the middle, but then take 3 new tiles. Play continues until a player announces they have finished their grid (and have no tiles left). Words are checked by all players to ensure they are acceptable (i.e. no proper nouns, correct spellings, bonafide words). A scrabble dictionary can be handy at this stage. A winner is announced, or play continues. 

Simple but a lot of fun. A thorough mental workout. Flex your lexicon!  A great game for improving literacy and extending vocabulary. A good challenge for old and young brains alike. Younger, less experienced spellers may enjoy being part of a team.

For 2 - 8 players. Play time approx 15 minutes.  Recommended for children 7 years + (My First Bananagrams also available for younger children).

Product dimensions: 22.9 x 7.6 x 7.6 cms


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