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Ballotini Timer - 15 Minutes, unboxed

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Jumbo Ballotini Timer - 15 Minutes

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Big, purple and tough. Count down 15 minutes with this large, safe and reliable sand timer by Bigjigs (designed in GB). Impact resistant. Ideal for all ages. A real handful. 

It is simple parenting law, that some rules and instructions are more readily followed by children when they don't come directly from a parent. Telling an 8 year old that they need practise violin for 15 minutes (and getting them to stick to it) can be tricky. This attractive device to work alongside makes everything less personal, and can help avoid conflict and increase a child's independence too. "Just another 15 minutes pleeeeease" just became more measurable.

The Ballotini Sand Timer is ideal for improved and managed time keeping and concentration, giving children an effective visual demonstration of time passing. The near indestructible design makes it an excellent resource for all ages.

A really useful aid for children who are not yet able to tell the time, or to gauge time. Can help lower frustration in children who prefer visual information. 

This 15-minute sand timer is ideal for use at home or in the classroom, whether it be to ensure your little one is ready on time or prepared to switch off the screen ("time to turn off when the sand runs outs"). It can be useful in structuring home work tasks into manageable chunks ("Work on your homework for 15 minutes and then you can take a break"). 

Timer dimensions: Height: 16.5cm, Diameter: 7.2cm.

Please note that this is not a toy. Image with pink timer shows adult sized hand (this 15 minute timer is the same size). Other timers available in this range (2, 5 and 10 minutes). 

Timer dimensions: Height: 16.5cm, Diameter: 7.2cm.

This product is not a toy.


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