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Affirmators! - Evening Mantras Card Deck

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Looking for a little self-help without the self-helpy-ness at the end of the day? Something to help you put the day to bed and slip into relaxed sleep? 

This deck of evening mantras is here to help you chill out, release the day, and stop anxious brain babble in its tracks. Pick a card at random and read it out loud to process the daily hubbub in a healthy, non-stressy sort of way. Repeat as/if/whenever needed!

Happier dreams not guaranteed, but 86.5% more probable. Nightly affirmation cards to help you sleep rightly. Sometimes we all need to hear some positive wisdom. 

30 hand illustrated cards. Compact, neat box with magnetic closure. 

This whimsical box will even appeal to the tricky tween / teen market. 

Conceived and written by Suzi Barrett and illustrated by Vikki Chu. 

Affirmators! 50 card deck also available. 


Boxed dimensions - 3.25 x 4 inches;

30 cards. 




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