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A Girl for All Time Book - Matilda's Secret by Sandra Goldbacher front cover

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A Girl for All Time Book - Matilda's Secret

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This thrilling Sandra Goldbacher adventure tells the story of 13 year old Matilda Marchmont who finds herself at the court of King Henry VIII. This is a world of intrigue, intense friendships and alliances. Where trusting the wrong person or revealing a secret can lead to mortal danger.
180 pages.

Why they'll love it

A gripping tale told in easy flowing prose. Every chapter is immersed in historical detail, but the pace and fascinating details stop it feeling like a school lesson.

Why you'll love it

Not for the faint hearted! This book is set in a dangerous and capricious time. There are some references to torture and a key character (Catherine Howard) meets an untimely end when she falls foul of her king. Perfect for the older reader who loves a few grisly details (especially when they are true!).


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