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30-Second Physics (Paperback)

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The 50 most fundamental concepts in Physics, each explained in half a minute!

Each idea, no matter how complex, is explained using a mere two pages, 300 words, and one picture: all easily digested in 30 seconds. 

It really is rocket science! From electromagnetic waves that enable us to connect in an instant to the gravity that keeps our feet firmly on the ground, this book is the fastest way to get up to speed with the physic principles that shape our everyday world. 

This best selling series (over 4 million copies sold worldwide) is here to to provide an easy reference book for the curious. 

A great addition to the bookshelf. Cherry pick, or read it from cover to cover. The perfect choice for young students who are new to the subject, and older students who need a refresh. 

The style and informative nature of this title would best suit teens (or precocious younger ones!).

Edited by Brian Clegg.

Product Dimensions: 197mm x 152mm (Spine Width 13mm).

Paperback: 160 pages


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