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Queen Elizabeth- Little Thinker Doll on a chair

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Queen Elizabeth- Little Thinker Doll

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Inspire. Enlighten. Cuddle. Soft plush Queen Elizabeth I doll in period dress. Good Queen Bess is one of England's greatest monarchs. This quirky line of toys celebrates the great minds of our time and introduces them to a young audience. Approximately 12" tall. Please note there may be small variations between photography featured and doll received.
12 " tall (approx.)   

Why they'll love it

An entirely original addition to any soft toy collection. A cuddly version of this independent, strong willed ruler to inspire the future generations to be brave, bold and fearless. A good choice for students of history.

Why you'll love it

A fun way to introduce the younger generation to this mighty monarch. A less obvious gift for the tricky teen market. 


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