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Doodle Pencil Case: Butterfly Design

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Eighty Eights, Peacocks, Leopard Lacewing - this nature inspired pencil case has them all - and these butterflies just need the touch of a pen to bring them to life.

Made from cotton and neoprene, this pencil case is the perfect gift for nature loving kids who enjoy colouring.  As the case is also the colouring canvas, there is no need for additional paper which makes it a good compact pursuit for when you are on the go. 

The gorgeous nature inspired design is a wonderful way for children to make wildlife discoveries. On one side is a meadow woodland scene featuring a variety of wild butterflies, flowers and trees. On the other side is a dot grid for little artists to design their own butterfly designs, create poems and musings etc.  

Afterwards, just pop the pencil case on a warm machine wash and the ink comes out completely, ready for the next big colourful adventure!

The butterfly pencil case comes complete with its own set of 10 double-ended doodle markers. 

Kids can research more information about some of the featured butterflies they are colouring, by visiting Eat Sleep Doodle's resource page on this topic.  

100% cotton. Wash at 30 degrees (dry naturally).  Recommended for any age child who can doodle (but who are old enough to know what pens to use!).  

Product dimensions: 22 x 14cm / 19 x 6"

Why they'll love it

The lucky recipient can personalise their pencil case, using their own colour scheme.

Guaranteed that no one else at school will have the same pencil case (once coloured in!).  

A present that helps children get creative and increase their butterfly knowledge.

Why you'll love it

Made from 100% cotton. Designed in the UK.

Washable pens that provide your little artist with a fresh canvas after every wash. Make a mistake? Too much colouring outside of the lines? No problem. After it is washed, little artists get another go. 

A good piece of kit for back to school. Keep it looking fresh with washes as regularly as it needs them. 



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