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Body Boarder - Lottie Doll Accessory Set

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Surf's up! Whether you live by the sea or like to visit on holiday, now Lottie has the right kit to come too.
16.5 x 3.8 x 21.6 cm

3 years and up

Why they'll love it

Keeping active is fun. Includes bucket, spade, wetsuit, bodyboard, mask and snorkel (doll not included). Child can relive fun holiday memories and create whole new seaside adventures.

Why you'll love it

Encourages imaginative pretend play. Lottie's experiences and hobbies can mirror her owner's. Small world play (e.g. dressing and undressing dolls) can improve fine motor skills. Unisex outfit - fits Finn and any of the Lottie dolls. 


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