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Team3 (Pink Edition)

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Are you ready for something completely different? Try Team3. 

Three monkeys have started a construction company, and the building blueprints are coming in quick! The monkeys have to work together to build the 3D construct using the chunky colourful shapes, before time runs out. But there is a big twist . . . 

Team3 is played in teams of three players, with each player taking on the role of one of the three monkeys: the monkey who can't speak, the monkey who can't see, or the monkey in the middle.

• The monkey who can't speak is the only one who can see the blueprint card with the outline of the structure that their team must build, but they are not allowed to talk. They can communicate only in gestures.

• The monkey in the middle must interpret the gestures of the monkey who can't speak and relay them to the monkey who can't see so that they can build the structure.

• The monkey who can't see is the only one who can touch the pieces, but they must play the game with their eyes closed. They are responsible for building the structure, based on the directions given to them by the monkey in the middle.

This is a novel co-operative game (although it can also be played competitively if you have enough people for 2 teams). The level of difficulty can be chosen, and all 3 players can have a turn in the different roles (architect, supervisor and builder). Each role demands different skills and strengths. 

Each round is quick (just a few minutes) with the full game taking approx 30 minutes. 

A great one for teens (the creators recommend 14 years +) but we feel that younger able children could also really enjoy this game in a supportive family environment. 

A very different co-operative game. We have found clearer communication skills and clever tricks develop with a few plays of Team3. If you are playing in competitive mode, the ability to keep calm, manage frustration and stress levels will definitely sort out who is the top team. 

For 3- 6 players (6 for competitive play). Designed for older children and teens (14 years +) to enjoy.

Product dimensions: 14.5 x 19.5 x 7cm (approx). 


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