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Flowery Melody Musical Trinket Box, with open lid

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Flowery Melody Musical Trinket Box

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This cute flower shaped box is just the place to keep treasures. Delicately decorated on the lid with a nature loving fairy surrounded by flowers and butterflies. There are bloom inspired geometric designs. The key colours are light teal, soft pink and coral orange.

A gorgeous alternative to pink ballerinas. 

When the box is opened the fairy appears again - this time as a delicate figurine, ready to twirl in time to the tune of "The time of the cherries" by Antoine Renard (wound by key at the back). There is a cloud shaped mirror in the lid and a soft green velvety lining inside.  

Suitable for children 4 years +

Please note that this product is a decor / decoration item and is not classified as a toy. 

Dimensions: Size: 15 x 14 x 8cm (approx). 


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