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Ducks (with hats) Fishing Game - By Djeco

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Let's go fishing - for ducks! 

Six brightly yellow duckies to play with. Which to hook first? Each duck sports different headwear. Choose from Scuba mask, Hair Bow, Royal, Captain, baseball cap and Indian headdress (we are sure you can come up with much better names). 

Each duck is numbered underneath for further learning and game opportunities. 

A fun hands-on way to practise hand eye co-ordination and develop motor skills. 

These ducks are happy in the bath, paddling pool, at the beach or simply on dry land. 

Each cheerful duck is 7cm long. Two fishing rods are supplied (with child safe hooks). All contents are housed in a clear storage cylinder. 

Rainbow ducks also available in this range. 

Suitable for children aged 2 years +

Packaging:  42 x 8.5 cm.


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