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6 Nimmt! Card Game, front of box, slight angle

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6 Nimmt! (6 takes) Card Game

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Not a game for the bullheaded! 

6 Nimmt ('6 takes' in German) is another new arrival at Chez Alice and it has us a little divided. The majority of us cannot get enough of this addictive card game.  But one family member was on the receiving end of some simple bad luck,  unfortunately for several rounds, and needs a little more encouragement to play. 

So I would say this is definitely a game for the older child (or a competent / more resilient game player). 

Each player starts with 10 cards, ranked between 1 and 104. There are 4 different rows laid out - each started with a single card. Players must add to one of these active rows sequentially (there are simple rules to follow). If you place the 6th card in the row, you collect all the previous cards. Each card has bull head symbols on it, and these become penalty points. The player with the least bull heads at the end, wins. 

6 Nimmt is quick, fun and fast paced. It has a nice balance between chance and strategy that keeps players on their toes. Reading your opponent and how you think they will play, is important in 6 Nimmt. This game can be quickly understood - new players will be engaging confidently within a few turns. 

This game has been entertaining families for some time - it was nominated for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres 1994. It was also a Mensa Select winner in 1996 and more recently it  was a 2008 Juego del Año (Game of the Year). It has stuck around because it is good, even if the name may be new to you. The packaging is not its strongest suit (perfectly adequate, decent box but it probably wouldn't cold sell itself on a shelf) but make no mistake - this is a decent addition to your games cupboard. 

A compact card game. A good choice for holidays (whenever we get to do those again!) and entertainment on the go. Brilliant for a range of ages - parents and grandparents will enjoy this just as much as the kids. 

Recommended for children 8 years +

For 2 - 10 players. Play takes between 30 mins - 45 mins. 

Boxed dimensions: 12.5 x 9.5 x 2 cm (approx). 

Contents - 104 cards. 


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