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Electricity & Magnetism - Experiment Kit

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This award winning science kit from Thames & Kosmos features more than 60 experiments to help young minds understand electricity and magnetism and how these two fundamental properties are closely related.

Children (8 years +) can safely and easily experiment with electric current and magnetic fields using the colourful snap-together blocks and components in this hands-on kit.

Build series and parallel circuits to light up a light bulb. Experiment with push buttons and on-off switches. Assemble circuits that include a spinning motor, two switches, and up to three light bulbs.

Conduct tests to see which materials are magnetic. Learn about the force of magnetism and magnetic poles. Magnetise a metal. Use iron fillings to make invisible magnetic fields visible. Investigate magnetic force and direction with a magnetic pendulum device. Learn how a compass works and about Earth’s magnetic fields. Conduct a series of experiments with a sturdy electromagnet.

Finally, put everything you have learned to good use by constructing a loudspeaker, an electromagnetic relay switch, and a morse code telegraph key.

The components are specially designed to make learning fun and accessible. The electrical blocks fit together with simple plug and- socket connectors. Because the blocks are brightly coloured and have unique shapes, it is easy to follow the assembly diagrams to construct functional devices.

The 64-page, full-colour experiment manual guides you through experiments with easy-to follow diagrams.

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).  To be used under adult supervision. Suitable for children 8 years +

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 8 years. 

WARNING! Contains small magnets. Read instructions before use. 

‎Boxed dimensions: 42.67 x 8.13 x 29.21 cm


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