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30-Second Shakespeare, front cover

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30-Second Shakespeare

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The bestselling 30-Second series takes a revolutionary approach to learning about those subjects you feel you should really understand. Each title selects a popular topic and dissects it into the 50 most significant ideas at its heart.

30-Second Shakespeare breaks down the Bard and helps readers get to grips with the world's most famous playwright, in bite sized, manageable units. 

Soliloquies, Comedy, Music, Clowns & Fools all get their own page. 

A great dip in reference for young readers discovering Shakespeare for the first time (and keen to know more). The style and informative nature of this title would best suit older teens (or precocious younger ones!).

Edited by Ros Barber. Paperback.  

Product Dimensions: 195 x 150 mm. Paperback: 160 pages


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