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Set- the family game of visual perception, boxed

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Set- the family game of visual perception

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Great fun to play and highly addictive. Set is a simple but challenging brain training game that can be played alone or with as many players as can squeeze around the table.

 The object of the game is to identify 'sets' of three cards. A set is three cards where each feature, when looked at individually, is either all the same OR all different. Each card contains four features: colour (red, purple or green), shape (oval, squiggle or diamond), number (one, two or three) and shading (solid, striped or outlined). 12 cards are dealt onto a flat surface and the fast thinking fun begins. There are no turns, the first player to see the similarities or differences in 3 cards calls out 'Set!', and group checks to see if they are correct.

This game has won an impressive 35 awards, including the Mensa Select Award. Approx 20 minutes playing time. Recommended for children aged 6 years + 

Box size - 13 X 4 X 18 cm. Age 6 years plus

Why they'll love it

A great solo pursuit, or to play with friends and family. A fun, compelling game that tests mental agility and powers of observation. One of those rare gems of a game that my 6 year old enjoys as much as her grandmother - perfect for bringing everyone together.

Why you'll love it

Entertaining but with the added bonus of building cognitive, logical and spatial reasoning skills. A great tool to sharpen up visual perception. Portable - a fantastic travel or after dinner game. 




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